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Need for the clinical case registry in homoeopathy

India has atleast 3,45,404 registered homoeopathic medical practitioners, practicing in government or private clinical/research settings. Due to the unique tenets of Homoeopathy based on individualisation and the lack of standardised and well structured case recording format, there is a paucity of documented clinical cases.The Homoeopathic Clinical Case Registry (HCCR) is an important source of patient data that advances the field's research and applications. HCCR makes it easier to identify treatment patterns, evaluate treatment efficacy, and investigate new therapeutic modalities by methodically recording cases. Through the promotion of evidence-based decision-making and the improvement of patient care outcomes, this single database fosters collaboration among practitioners, academics, and policymakers. Furthermore, HCCR makes it possible to track adverse events, treatment outcomes, and illness patterns, all of which help to further improve homoeopathic interventions over time.

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How to write a case report?

Here's a step-by-step approach towriting a case report:

  • 01

    To reflect the nature of the case report, the phrase "a case report" must be included in the title. Select appropriate keywords from the Medical Subject Headings (MeSH), ensuring relevance to the case title to improve searchability and indexing. The patient consent form must be comparable to the uploaded sample consent form in order to ensure compliance with ethical principles governing patient rights and confidentiality.

  • 02

    Patient information:  The patient's case needs to be detailed, includingtime, modalities, and extensions. The case must include information regarding both physical generals (appetite, thirst, sleep, and energy levels) and mental generals (emotions, fears, and overall mental state). Along with this take personal, family, andpasthistory may also be recorded.

  • 03

    Clinical findings:  Laboratory results and diagnostic photographs, such as relevant photos, histopathology slides, and other diagnostic tests, that have relevance to the primary diagnosis must bescanned and kept ready foruploading. Reports are to be arranged chronologically and include supporting documentation for stated recoveries.

  • 04

    Homoeopathic assessment:  The repertorial chart and any additional relevant information needs to be uploaded. Prevalent Miasm must be identified and recorded for acceptable reasons based on an in-depth evaluation of the case history and symptomatology, as well as a comprehensive investigation.

  • 05

    Follow-up and outcomes:  Follow-up entries must include essential information such as the date, prescription details, potency, dosage, prescription basis, and clinical outcomes.It is recommended that the Case reports may use the modified Naranjocriteria to ensure that the status of the case at baseline and follow up are at least recorded with scores, to validation the prescription rationale and clinical outcome scales.

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